Durham Volunteer Fire Company

Durham Volunteer Fire Company Serving the Town of Durham since 1931

Our History


Fire Company History

At a town meeting in 1926, Francis E. Korn suggested the possibility of obtaining a fire apperatus for the town be looked into. This was the first record of any action regarding the company. Moderator Charles Reimers appointed a committee consisting of Frank Arrigoni, Francis E. Korn, and Dan Parmelee. On October 18, 1926, the committee reported to a town meeting that the cost of a truck was $4,000. Those present voted to have the committee make a comprehensive report at the next town meeting, in March 1927. This report, presented by Frank Arrigoni, included the views of Chief Pitt and Chief J.C. Vincent of Middletown. The report was tabled, and there is no further record of further action by this committee. Three and a half years later, at the town meeting of October 10, 1930, Chairman Alvin F. Rich appointed a committee to investigate fire protection in town and report to the selectmen. This committee consisted of Dionigi Arrigoni, Henery Berten, F.E. Korn, Fredrick H. Page, and Henry Ryan.

At a special town meeting on March 2, 1931, moderated by Harry E. Coe, committee chairman Arthur I. Seward reported on the group's progress. Water supplies had been investigated to determine the type of equipment needed. The committee had also met with fire equipment companies which had submitted bids. The committee recommended purchase of a truck manufactured by Peter Persch and Company.  Those at the meeting voted to purchase a truck not to exceed a cost of $3500. It was also voted, 34-4 that the committee proceed to organize a volunteer fire company for Durham.